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Who are we - Academic Consultancy


Essay Orders is a London-based company which offers essay writing service and proofreading service in accordance to the academic requirements of UK and US universities. We also offer academic assistance, feedback, academic writing service and dissertation writing service, as well as a broad range of products to enhance your performance in class. We can assist you at any stage of your course of study, regardless of your academic level, or type of degree. Our team of writers and researchers offer a range of quality services to match individual requirements, and our reliance on team versatility can assure the allocation of the best writer for your essay.

Our mission

Essay Orders was established to assist students at all academic levels in their studies. We understand the cost and the pressure of getting a good degree, and we also know that meeting academic and language requirements can be discouraging. Therefore we created this establishment for you – to give you a hand with the preparation of papers, exams and university assignments and to provide the necessary academic help with your student essays.

As a company which focuses on improving the academic performance of university students, we are here not only to deliver an academic product, but to provide overall assistance through consistent feedback and advice.  

Our team consists of dedicated customer service experts, who will make sure you get the best deals, tailored according to your individual needs. Our academic consultancy team consists of writers, researchers, proofreaders and supervisors, whose expertise stretches across more than 30 different academic fields. The minimum requirement for our writers is to have a postgraduate degree from an established and  accredited university.

Why did we create Essay Orders?

Essay Orders was born as a simple idea. Having seen many university students struggle with their studies, we decided to set up an experienced team of devoted researchers, to help you make the most of your university experience. We were bound by the genuine desire to build a set of services, designed entirely in favour of students. We deal with each person individually, just to make sure that your requirements are fully met.

Over the past year, we have helped many of you with their coursework, and we were delighted by the result. Therefore we decided to create this website – to make sure that more students in the UK and other countries can benefit from our services and expertise.

We are a legitimate company, registered with Companies House (Registration Number 8006983), and we are based in London, UK. You can contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to hear from you!

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