Five ways to keep healthy on a student budget

Keeping healthy is an obvious benefit in studying for a degree, especially during exam periods and near essay deadlines. There might be a tendency to enter into a regime of erratic sleep patterns and extreme caffeine intake. Although some might find a spark of creativity during such times, it doesn’t work for all, and you should try, as best as possible, to find what works for you prior to deadlines.

In essence, you should be conscious of your health and what works so that you have a good rhythm throughout your studies. Or to put it another way: to balance the disruption of day-to-day rhythm (which is a common activity for students!) with some idea of what it feels like to live without burgers and seeing 4am.

There is a common held myth that keeping healthy is expensive. Here are some tips on keeping healthy on a budget:

University gym

Your university is liable to have excellent and cheap gym facilities that you would usually pay a small fortune for. So why not utilise them? Sport is an excellent way of reducing stress and building up brain activity. Furthermore, if you get involved in team sports then you can really get the mind-body juices flowing.

There is probably not better time to head down to the gym than during exam time. A casual swim, yoga class, or even something a little more strenuous, is an excellent tonic to the tensions that might grip your body while you are sitting at your desk for hours on end. You should, perhaps, consider sports as an arduous breathing exercise. We expand our lungs and breathe out at a higher rate during sports which is as refreshing as it is healthy.

Park and road runs

Whether you prefer the outdoors (or if the atmosphere in the gym is not for you), forest and road runs are an excellent alternative. This is especially true if you prefer not to have the social element of the gym.

The choice is yours as to whether you prefer road runs to running through parks or forests, but green space does have the added benefit of providing some sanctuary from the helter skelter of everyday living. Running through woods means that you might have time alone to not only exercise, but to reflect on work.

You’ll also find plenty of apparatus that you can utilise to do some dips, chin-ups, shoulder-presses, or any other range of light body building exercises. Benches, for instance, are excellent in this regard.

Brisk walks

You just might not be that interested in working out. In that case, brisk walks can be an excellent tonic. If this is the case then you should take every opportunity to do so. 1 hour of walking a day can have an excellent impact on your health. So rather than jump on the bus for the 10 minute ride, why not walk to university?

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