How to write a good dissertation: the Conclusion


In the previous posts we proposed some ideas on how to write the individual chapters of your dissertation. In this post we will help you out with the final part- the conclusion, which needs to give a good idea of your achievements and findings from the research conducted.

Essay writing service websites, as well as dissertation writing service ones recommend that the conclusion needs to follow the exact structure of your dissertation. It needs to pinpoint your main findings, and conclusion. Even if you feel that you are repeating yourself, is a good idea to re-state your conclusion, and explain them in a sentence or two. The conclusion is also the place for you to describe any difficulties you might have had during the research, and even the aspects of your research which remained uncovered. Do not be afraid to say what was left unexplored – this is normal for lengthy research projects, where time and word limitations are most often a big challenge for the writer.

In the conclusion you also need to mention your suggested fields of future research, and the possible contributions of your paper to the field of study. You can also mention how the whole research process as well as the write up has benefitted you as a researcher, what you learned, what you found most enjoyable, and also – most difficult to accomplish. This self-assessment will help you also get a notion of your standing in the field, and even perhaps your options for the future.

Every conclusion needs to have recommendations, especially if your topic was problem-solution one. If you were writing a paper on a particular policy, or problem, it is essential that you provide recommendations for improvement or resolution. These should be based on your own observations throughout the research, and your conclusions. Your tutors will be happy to see your ability to propose creative and viable solutions to a given problem, rather than only observe its causes.

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