How to Write a Good Dissertation: the Introduction Chapter


For some of you it is already dissertation time and we understand why many students feel the pressure of having to start working on their dissertations. The dissertation is the most important assessment of your academic knowledge, because it reflects your overall understanding of your chosen discipline, as well as your ability to conduct academic research.

There are many students, who have excellent ability to research and write, and who have obtained excellent grades throughout their course of education. When it comes to writing dissertations however, there are very specific requirements, which need to be met. In addition, writing a good dissertation is a lengthy process, which requires not only excellent time management and patience, but also in-depth knowledge of a specific subject.

In the next few weeks, we will be publishing regular articles on how to write a good dissertation. This week we will start with the introduction. Here are several simple tips on how to write the introduction chapter for your dissertation, and what a good introduction chapter should contain.

Most dissertation writing service experts agree that a good introduction chapter has several characteristics: it provides general understanding of the topic, as well as of the direction the dissertation will take on

First, a good introduction chapter needs to focus on the background to the subject in discussion. Without going into too many details, try to create a vision for your reader – they need to become well acquainted with the subject you will be writing about. If the topic of your dissertation is related to a historical event, provide a brief chronology and explain the factors behind its occurrence. If you are writing on a non-factual topic, situate it into a general context and observe broader developments, related to your topic. Introduction chapters are often contextual, which makes it easier for the reader to grasp the full complexity of your dissertation topic.

Second, the introduction chapter needs to contain the research question (s), as well as the research aims and objectives. It is good if these are separated with a sub-heading, and it would be even better if they are precise, narrow enough, and well-focused.

Third, a good introduction needs to explain why you chose the topic, and why it is important from a research perspective. This is the part where you have the chance to explain why your dissertation is unique and different from publications on the same topic. Here you can also touch upon the contributions of your study.

Last but not least, provide a structure of the dissertation. It would be good to have a plan of what each chapter will contain, as well as its main themes. It leaves the readers with a good sense of orientation, and it makes the work look professional and presentable.

Next Friday we will be discussing how to write the second chapter of a dissertation – the literature review.

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