Job fairs – a good way for young graduates to find jobs?

Job fairs can be an effective way to find a job and direction in your career after graduating, or during your degree. The main emphasis behind job fairs is to create quick connections for job-seekers, but that isn’t the only benefit. Job fairs are excellent places to network and better understand what you are looking for.

Getting better acquainted with what you want

Even the most sure minded careerist might find themselves in a role that they don’t enjoy or find rewarding. This is because we often need to put ourselves in a situation before we can understand the different qualities of it. The same is true for an undecided graduate or undergraduate. Job fairs are excellent in providing much needed perspective as well as opportunity.

Once you are at a job fair, you come face-to-face with potential employers who will be able to answer any questions you may have on different roles. It is only after considering these questions, and the potential answers, that a better idea of what you are actually looking for will come up. You might discover that there is a task that you might love to complete on a daily basis in a job role that you might never have contemplated applying for. Or that you are only one essential skill away from your dream job.

Employers under one roof

This is the main ethos of job fairs and needs little explanation. At job fairs, you will have the opportunity to network with some of the industry’s biggest employers, ones that are keen to recruit graduates. It is a brilliant way to understand what employers might expect from you and to compare potential career avenues.

Seeing what is available

Recruitment is an active industry which employs some of the best brains. Because of this the industry is always evolving, with new types of jobs created. A fast moving world requires employers to keep up with new trends and demands. It could be that a new type of role is available that might interest you, or you might find that you are suitable for. Think, for instance, of big data and other new technology related jobs.

Whether or not you are at the stage of taking the leap into the “real” world, job fairs are an excellent way to keep up with new recruitment trends, job supply and employer demands.

Interview training

You should consider every contact you make with a representative at a job fair as a small interview. Aside from the fact that it probably is, you have a wonderful opportunity to brush up on your interview and networking skills.

So look at who might be exhibiting and consider what questions you might want to ask. You might want to focus on an organisation which you admire, or organisations within a particular field. Try also to push your boundaries and speak to representatives in a field that you hadn’t considered before. If you come loaded with focused questions, you could come across a type of industry and a type of role that peaks your interest. For instance, whereas you were considering working for an NGO, you might find that a private company might be seeking to improve the ethical side of their operations, or vice versa.

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