Making the most of your degree

There’s plenty of debate as to whether degrees can lay the platform for a good career path, with some suggesting that there is more to be gained by getting straight into job after leaving school or taking on an apprenticeships. There are, however, very good reasons to take a degree. Here are some tips as to how you can beat the sceptics in making sure you are equipped for whatever job you have in mind.

Extracurricular activity

Fresher’s weekend is more than just getting familiar with dub-step or where the nearest bar is (or at least it can be). There are also a plethora of societies, activities and clubs that you can join. Aside from the opportunity to interact with others who share the same hobbies as you, they are potentially character building and could look great on your CV.

There are obvious CV dressing experiences like running for union president, or writing for the student magazine. Even attempting one or the other shows future employers that you are willing to put yourself out there, something that they are likely to value.

Essay writing service websites agree that your chosen activity could also be more low-key. It totally depends on what you’re comfortable with and what aspirations you have. Either way, you will find that the atmosphere will be conducive to building on experiences and knowledge.


University used to be the place where parents used to send their children so that they could “find themselves” or gain some financial freedom. Well, surprising, they still are. Think Big Brother. How many housemates come out of the house and claim to have “grown”. A cliché maybe, but a bit of awareness about how you interact with people who you share your lodgings with can go a long way in building soft-skills like teamwork and even mentoring.

Employers often ask you for real life situations where you might have exhibited a number of different skills, don’t devalue the experiences and obstacles that you manage to overcome day-to-day during your university life. You could, for instance, respond by speaking about how you managed to diffuse an argument between your peers about household cleaning by introducing a rota…or something.

Use your lessons to test your ideas

Persuasion and being able to put across your point of view is a critical skill in most walks of life. Finding compromise or being able to move people with your ideas can be the difference between enjoying a job or feeling powerless. Whether you are studying a science or the arts, don’t be afraid to test your ideas during seminars and other settings. Testing yourself in this environment will go a long way to helping you later on in life.

So don’t just bury your head in your books. Enjoy, learn and utilise all the potential around you.

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