Tips for international students moving to the UK

Getting the most out of your studies will also mean that you should be comfortable with your surroundings and be well equipped with the challenges that you might face. Most students often enjoy the experience in the UK but there are a few tips to try to make sure that the UK is a home from home sooner rather than later.

Bring the right clothes

You might have heard that it rains an awful lot in the UK. It’s true, this is probably the one constant, but you will need to consider more than just bringing an umbrella. The summer months can be as hot as the autumn is wet and cold, so bring a wide range of clothing, including shorts and t-shirts!

University accommodation doesn’t provide the largest amount of wardrobe space. For this reason, try to pack versatile wear. Thin jackets are as essential as bulkier coats as they might be useful in event of a downpour during 20 degree centigrade heat. Cardigans are also very useful as they can be supplement summer clothes for cold nights and weekly variations in temperature. Think practical as well as chic.

Go to freshers’ week

Freshers’ week is excellent for getting familiar with the various extra-curricular activities and university services. You might find that the first few weeks of university are very hectic, however it would be beneficial to have signed up to some clubs for when the initial rush of activity subsides. As with any social groups, clichés emerge with familiarity. Although this is not a hard and fast rule, it would be easier to be part of the initial meeting of any society so as to grow with it, rather than be introduced to it later on.

Mingle with all nationalities

The natural inclination of most international students will be to gravitate towards people of similar nationality. The reasons for this are obvious, including ease of communication and finding affinity with others’ experience of coming to the UK. There’s nothing wrong with this, however there is added value in making the effort to speak to people of various nationalities that you might come across. The sharing of heritage and experience is not only fulfilling in itself but might open doors to future travel and friendships across borders.

Get a UK phone number

UK mobile phone tariffs are now a lot cheaper than they were ten years ago, partly because of competition among service providers and new technology. Don’t be the person that friends avoid calling because they want to avoid international call charges. UK providers offer a range of pay-as-you-go tariffs and free SIM cards, so it’s worth picking up even if it just to receive calls. You will find what you are looking for whether you mobile phone works on either 900 or 1800 frequencies.

Register with a doctor

There will probably be an easy to access university campus doctor, however it is also worth seeking advice on how you might be able to access NHS services. What you don’t want is to have to research who to contact in the eventuality of getting ill near an exam deadline. Live healthy and be prepared so as to meet deadlines. Besides, you will need a doctor’s certificate should you have to miss a deadline and have to make an appeal based on mitigating circumstances.



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