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Services We OfferEssay Orders is a website entirely dedicated to helping students improve their performance in class. Obtaining a degree is tough and therefore we have recruited and trained a team of academic writers and researchers, ready to provide academic assignments in any field. Covering the cost of your education in the UK expensive and many part-time and full-time students have to work long hours, in order to pay their university fees. This leaves them with very little time to complete their written assignments, and often jeopardises their studies. Others feel challenged by the high academic requirements for research papers and assignments, and feel unable to meet the criteria for essay structure, organisation and referencing styles. Therefore in Essay Orders we offer a variety of academic writing service, which would help you out throughout your chosen course of education. Find more information below. 

Academic Writing Services


What do we do?

Essay Orders offers a diverse and efficient essay writing service and paper writing service. We can help you with everything from essays and dissertations, to case studies, reports and presentations. Our client approach is entirely customised, and we treat each order individually, to make sure your requirements are fully met. We provide plagiarism-free, quality papers, and we are prepared to work together with you and take into consideration your comments, ideas, and tutors’ feedbacks. 
Our strength lies in the way we recruit and test our writers, making sure they can provide academic content which is original, well-researched, and compliant with the needs of any particular project. All papers that we provide are being checked by our trusted in-house Quality Team, before they are delivered to the client. For more information on the individual services and products that we offer, click on the links below.

Who can benefit from our academic and essay writing service? 

Everyone in full-time or part-time education can benefit from our services. In the past two years we have built trusted relationships with clients from various backgrounds. Whether you are a postgraduate or undergraduate student, whether you are a native or non-native speaker – we are always happy to help you. 

Why Essay Orders?

In Essay Orders we offer quality essay writing service and paper writing service, and we are proud that our client return rate in the past year has been extremely high. Here is why:
Plagiarism-free, high quality papers
Our service is completely free of plagiarism. All works are being individually checked before they are submitted to the client, and a plagiarism report is available upon request. 
Up to one month free amendments
We realise that writing is a complex process, especially when it comes to academic writing. Therefore we allow free amendment period depending on the length of your order, to make sure we incorporate your own personal feedback, or those of your tutors. 
Free academic help and advice
In Essay Orders we don’t simply deliver the completed product to you – we make sure you understand it and we are prepared to answer any questions you might have. Our writers and researchers are also prepared to give you expert advice on any academic issue, whether it relates to formulating your research question, or choosing the right methodology for your dissertation. 

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