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Book Review Writing

Book Review Writing


Book Review ServiceAs a student in a UK university, you will often be asked to produce book reviews. These are designed to show your tutors your understanding of the topic, but also your ability to critically asses a specific academic source, its ideas, findings, and methods. The book review also shows your ability to detect bias, and evaluate academic research in a broader context. Our team of writers and researchers are trained to produce book reviews which are well balanced and which give the exact amount of critical observation. Whether you have to discuss a book in the field of Politics, Development Economics or Transport and Logistics, our tailored service guarantees high-quality academic text. Find more details about this service below. 
Critical analysis versus content
To produce a well-balanced book review is a difficult task. A common mistake which many students make is to write book reviews which are too descriptive and provide nothing but an extended summary of the book in question. At Essay Orders we know how to avoid this problem. When we write book reviews, we make sure there is proportionality between content, facts and background on one hand, and the analysis and the critical observation on the other. This is a very important differentiation, because it separates a good review from a mediocre or poor one. The purpose of the book review is to place a specific work in a broader historical or theoretical context, and to evaluate it on the basis of this belonging. Our book review service is aimed exactly at this – providing reviews which are relevant to both the subject of study, and the text itself. 
Structure, organisation, and evaluation
The structure and organisation have to be balanced with the evaluation of the book. You cannot simply state that a book is good or bad without offering constructive reasons for this, derived from examples from the text, and the ideas conveyed by the author. This is exactly how our writers are trained to produce book reviews. The texts we provide are well-structured, and the organisation of the review gradually and convincingly reveals the main contributions of the work in discussion. It also demonstrates knowledge of its content, main ideas, and methodologies. Naturally, these have to be placed in a wider academic context, to give the work more academic credibility. Finally, our book reviews also give an assessment of whether the work is a recommended source, and who (what type of audience) is most likely to benefit from it. 
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