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CV and Cover Letter Writing

CV and Cover Letter Writing


CV cover letter serviceIn a competitive market it is getting more and more difficult for young graduates to find jobs. In the past decade, employers have a wider pool of talents to choose from, and their recruitment criteria have changed tremendously. With the global recession, finding a job has become a challenge for many and having the right skills is no longer sufficient. Therefore sending the right CV or cover letter might be your only chance to get noticed in a sea of applications. In Essay Orders we have devised a service to help those of you who are on their path to finding a good job. Whether you are looking for a better job, or for your first on, we are here to help you. 
Our service is intended at the following:
The most important thing about your CVs and cover letters is that they need to be tailored according to the specifics of the job. They need to show your understanding of the industry you are targeting, and your genuine suitability for the position in question. In Essay Orders we provide CVs and cover letters which are tailored specifically to the needs of the sector or the post you are applying for. Employers will appreciate your attempt to take into consideration the job requirements, and to explain how your job experience or educational qualifications meet those, as well as the company characteristics. Our CV and cover letter service aims at creating CVs which are easy to differentiate from the template ones. Tailored CVs and cover letters tend to be more successful because they are more concise, and they present your skills in a more relevant and convincing way. 
Apart from writing, at Essay Orders we can help you format your CV and cover letter to match your industry or targeted position. Every industry has formatting specifics, and apart from looking clear and presentable, CVs also need to meet the formatting requirements of the industry. For example, a medical CV might look different from a CV in accounting and finance. Our team of CV writers will make suggestions on the best fonts and layouts to go with your targeted industry. 
Proofreading is crucial when it comes to CVs and cover letters. Bad grammar or typing mistakes can simply ruin a perfectly good CV or cover letter, and what is worse – to make you look like a less reliable candidate. Human resources managers are very picky when it comes to this, so in Essay Orders we always make sure we provide CVs and cover letters which are proofread and edited. Having realised that it is always good to have second opinion and feedback from an expert, we can even help you with the proofreading and editing of your own CV or make suggestions for improvements. 
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