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Literature Review Writing

Literature Review Writing


Literature review serviceLiterature reviews are a popular type of research assignments, whether they are part of a larger project or if they are to be written individually. A literature review is designed to examine your ability to critically discuss and evaluate academic literature, in a particular context or in a relation to particular topic. A good literature review requires a lot of preliminary research, knowledge of different theoretical frameworks, as well as methodologies. It also requires the ability to classify information and to be able to trace gaps and controversies in existing research. In Essay Orders we have a team of writers and researchers qualified to produce critically engaging literature reviews on all topics. 
We provide literature reviews which meet the following important criteria:
Selection of the right sources
Selection of the right sources is what makes a good literature review. But how do you know whether a source is good or bad? And how do you know whether it fits the topic you are discussing in your proposal or dissertation? At Essay Orders we have established a literature review service which is entirely devoted to solving all those problems. When we select the sources for your literature review we make sure they are timely, up-to-date, and related to the topic. We also make sure the sources are legitimate, and there is a rich variety of ideas, approaches, and theoretical frameworks. We will always make sure that the resources selected for the literature review are divided either chronologically or by themes, making it easier to detect similar concepts and opinions. 
Analytical, rather than factual content
What makes our literature reviews academically valuable is their critical input. We don’t simply provide a factual summary of selected resources,  we make sure these are critically discussed in terms of ideas, methods, strengths and weaknesses. We place the sources and their findings in the relevant context, to make sure we deliver a discussion which will contribute to the topic of your research. 
Analytical conclusions
Finally, we make the analytical conclusions on the gaps in existing research and the weight of our findings. This is perhaps one of the most important parts of the literature review, and this is what makes it complete. The final estimation of the resources and their relation to the topic in question is also what will help you determine your research question and even the broader aims and objectives of your paper or research project. In addition, we always make sure to assess the availability of literature on the subject in discussion. 
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