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Proofreading Service

Proofreading Service


Proofreading service

Many students need help proofreading their papers and essays. In Essay Orders we provide a professional proofreading service which will help you improve the quality of your papers or dissertations. Sometimes after the writing process has been completed, you need a second opinion on your paper - on its structure, content, ideas, grammar, and overall quality. We are more than happy to provide this. Our essay proofreading professionals are trained to run academic edits for papers from all academic fields, and on any topic. Find more information below about the essay proofreading service that we offer. 
Basic proofreading
Basic proofreading includes grammar and spell check, as well as a revision of the structure of your paper and its organisation. It is a service which most students need in order to get a second opinion on their work, and to spot errors they were unable to notice during the writing process. Sometimes it takes very little to make a paper from good to excellent. The prices for basic proofreading start from £10 per 1,000 words. For a customised quote, please get in touch. We will review your work free of charge and get back to you as soon as possible with a free non-obligation quote. 
Secondary edit
Secondary edit is a more complex service. It is for those of you who need help with rephrasing, critique, choice of sources, and content. It may also include recommendation on how to improve your work. The prices for secondary edit start from 30 % of the original writing price per £1,000 words. Contact us for a customised quote and we will review your work free of charge and give you a non-obligation quote. 
Tertiary proofreading 
This type of service includes development of new concepts for your papers, adding new research, extra content and new findings, and possible reducing levels of plagiarism. The prices for this service start from 50 % of the original price per 1,000 words. Give us a call and our team of editors will review your work, after which we will give you a free, non-obligation quote. 
Please note that prices for academic edit services may vary based on the complexity of your paper, the delivery period, and the length of the feedback that needs to be implemented. 
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