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Research Proposal Writing

Research Proposal Writing


Research proposal serviceThe research proposal is the key element in writing a good dissertation. It will organised your proposal and may determine the outcome and the success of your dissertation. It also shows you are able to generate academic ideas, and to choose and critically engage in topics which have strong academic value. The research proposal to a large extent reveals the potential of your dissertation, and can help you decide its strengths, but also to spot potential difficulties and limitations. The purpose of the research proposal is to give you a preliminary view on how you will structure the different chapters of your dissertation, and how you will approach the topic you have chosen. Writing a good proposal therefore is crucial for any dissertation, and at Essay Orders we have launched a separate proposal writing service for those of you who struggle with their dissertation proposals
Making a good start
In Essay Orders we can assist you with the whole process of writing a proposal – from getting the right idea about the dissertation, to putting it all into words in the separate sections of the proposal. We realise that the beginning is the most difficult for proposals therefore we can help you with ideas to make sure you and your project are on the right track. Even if you have not chosen the topic for your proposal yet, we can provide a list of suggested topics free of charge, and thus help you choose a question which suits your knowledge, subject, and personal interests. Making a good start on the proposal is a guarantee that the work on your dissertation will be far less time consuming, and even enjoyable. 
Putting it all into words
Our research proposal writing service is about creating proposals which are genuine, plausible in research terms, and which of course meet the requirements of your university. We can provide a proposal addressing the background of the topic, the research question and its importance, the literature available on the subject, as well as the possible methodologies you might want to use. In our proposals we address each topic individually, and unlike most companies, we do not provide template proposals. This is because every dissertation is unique, and the proposal has to address the peculiarities of your individual writing project. From determining the research objectives, to selecting the preliminary methodology, our research service provides flexibility and customised approach.
Revision and recommendations
In the preparation of your proposals we concentrate not only on delivery, but also on improvements. To make sure that the proposal is properly written, we encourage our clients to collect substantial feedback from their tutors, so that we can implement it at the proposal stage. Once these suggestions are implemented, it makes it easier to produce a dissertation which is coherent and well-researched. Therefore we can say that our research writing service is holistic, as we address all possible aspects of your proposal. 
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