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As a provider of academic knowledge, we require original and non-plagiarized work from our writers. We are aware, that plagiarising someone’s work is unacceptable, and may result in severe academic penalties in most UK and US universities. In Essay Orders we feel strongly against plagiarism. Therefore, we are committed to supervising each order individually, before we present it to the client.

Plagiarism reports

We scan all our orders, using the most trusted type of anti-plagiarism software. Designed to detect plagiarised work specifically in student essays, they are reliable and fast.

Charge for papers up to 2500 words is £7, additional charges apply for longer papers.

Is this legal?

Students often ask whether our services are legal. Our services are perfectly legal, and we are proud that our clients trust us and rely on our help! We understand the cost and the pressure of getting a university degree and we believe that good education is the key to success. We also understand that it is not easy to meet the language and academic requirements of UK and US universities. Therefore we are here to help.

Be aware of scams!

Students are often the target of internet scams, performed by illegitimate companies. Make sure that you check the company’s credentials before you purchase your paper online. Also be aware of websites, which offer custom papers at unreasonably low prices. Using their services might put your academic future at risk.

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