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News and current events

This section was created to give you the latest updates on student life. We will select the most important news and events related to university life, and will post them to keep you informed about what is going on around you. Life as a student can be very busy, so make sure you don’t miss out on anything by regularly visiting our “News and Current Events” page. 

Check out some of the student news we have selected for you.

Student jobs: How to find the right student job

Students march in London protest

Young jobless 'scar' starts to heal as more begin work

What young people need more than anything is work experience

Youth unemployment competition: What employers are doing about youth joblessness

Hundreds of new student places to be allocated to Magee

GCSEs replaced by "English Bac" in key subjects

Comprehensive university guide: university profiles, courses and application requirements

UCL beats Oxford univerisity in world college rankings

Foreign students are key to UK prosperity

Tuition fees 2012: what are the universities charging?

University applications: where did people apply and for which subjects?

Top UK universities for communication and media studies 2012 - QS World University Rankings

Top 50 universities for accounting 2012 - QS World University Rankings

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