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One of the ways to fund your studies in the UK is through scholarships and grants. Many universities offer scholarships for students with high academic potential and from different ethnic and national backgrounds.  Most of the UK universities have different scholarship schemes, especially for postgraduate studies where scholarship programmes vary greatly. You have to check the availability of scholarships and funding for the particular programme/university you apply for. Some of them have a separate application procedure for scholarships, and you are eligible to apply after you have secured your place in their programmes.

Some of the UK universities, which have large scholarship fund, are Westminster University, City University and Metropolitan University.

For postgraduate studies, scholarships are limited, and you may often have to look for extra funding from external sources such as think tanks, research organisations, and NGOs. If you are an international or EU student, you may want to check for available funding from your own country (government, local authorities, etc).

The most important thing for finding the right scholarship is to narrow your search, and to make a list of possible scholarship providers. If you are planning to apply for a scholarship in the UK, start your preparation as early as possible. Sometimes finding a scholarship for which you are eligible can be even more difficult than getting the scholarship itself.  

Here are some useful links on how to search and apply for scholarships:  (for international scholarships) (Scholarship for extraordinary personalities) 


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