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Student discounts

International Student Identity Card

The living standard in the UK and especially in London is very high, and many students find it hard to manage on a tight budget.  As a student, however, you are eligible for a variety of student discounts in public and private organisations.  The first thing you can do is get an International Student Card, which can be provided by the Student Service Office in your university. The card is the only globally recognised card, and with it in your pocket, you can save money from travel, hotel fees, theatre tickets, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, books and organised events.

To find more about the benefits of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) click here:

Shopping discounts

There are a wide range of shops and high street brands which offer student discounts on various products. Some of the well-known names, providing seasonal student discounts are Sainsbury’s, Vodaphone, and Schuh. For more information on the latest student discounts, visit


Transport is one of the most expensive things in the UK, especially in London. With a student Oyster Card however, you can 30 per cent on your weekly or monthly fares. It is easy to obtain, and you can apply online, if you university or educational institution is listed on the TFL website.

For more information, visit

Latest travel discounts for students


Having fun is part of being a student, and if you feel that going out is a bit too pricey, do not be disheartened. There are many night clubs with personal promoters who can get you inside any club in Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square for as little as a fiver. There are some clubs which have special student evenings, and entrance is free. For a list of the top ten student clubs for 2012, go to

For more tips on how to manage your student finances click here:


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