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Student jobs

Because of the high cost of living in the UK (especially London), most students have to combine study with work. As a student in the UK, you are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week, and full time during your holidays.

The most popular types of student jobs are in retail, restaurant and hospitality industries, fundraising, baby sitting, catering, and security. Some students combine two or three jobs, depending on the flexibility of the type of jobs they do.  Some universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate working schemes, where a certain amount is deducted from your university fee, as you are being employed in the university administrations or events department.

Here is a short list of some of the biggest employers for students in the UK

Michael Wisher.  Michael Wisher is one of the biggest hospitality companies in the UK. It recruits students to assist during events in one of the most popular sporting and festival venues across London and the rest of the country. It has branches nationwide. For more information visit

Wesser. Wesser is a charity and fundraising organisation, which often employs students for longer periods of time. Its activities range from door-to-door fund raising, to desk based telephone research for charity purposes. For more information visit

Ipsos MORI. Ipsos MORI is one of the biggest research companies in Europe, and often employs students to conduct market research. They offer part-time positions in consumer, as well as Business to Business telephone research. For more information visit

Here are some useful websites, where you can find student jobs and internships:

Comprehensive guide to student jobs:

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