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Student visas

Many students experience difficulties to go through the process of applying for student visa in the UK. We want to try to facilitate this process for you by providing you with the basic information you need to start this process.

If you need additional help call us on 020 3292 1343 and we can assign one of our experts to work with you. 

There are five main categories for student’s visa:

1.      Tier 4 (child)

2.      Child Visitor

3.      Tier 4 (General)

4.      Student Visitor

5.      Prospective Student

The Tier 4 (Child) category is for children coming to the UK to be educated between the ages of four and 17 years old. Children between four and 15 years old must be educated at independent fee-paying schools. Students cannot study at publicly funded schools. The only publicly funded education providers that can teach Tier 4 (Child) students are publicly funded further education college which are able to charge for international students. If you are 16 or 17 years old and you want to study a course at or above National Qualifications Framework (NQF) level 3, you and your Tier 4 sponsor can agree whether you should apply to us under Tier 4 (Child) or Tier 4 (General). If you want to study at NQF level 2 or below, you must apply as a Tier 4 (Child) student. You cannot be a Tier 4 (Child) student if you have any children who are living with you or for whom you are financially responsible.

To apply for The Tier 4 (Child) and for more information click on the link


Child Visitor category is for children aged under 18 years old who want to come to the UK for up to 6 months (or up to 12 months if they are accompanying an academic visitor). This includes children who want to study in the UK for up to 6 months. If a child wants to study here for more than 6 months, they must apply under Tier 4 (Child)

To apply for Child Visitor and for more information click on the link


Tier 4 (General) category is for adult students who want to come to or remain in the UK for their post-16 education. If you are 16 or 17 years old and you want to study a course at or above National Qualification Framework level 3, you can apply under this category or under  Tire 4 ( Child) - you should discuss and agree this with your approved education provider (known as a 'Tier 4 sponsor'). But if you want to study English as a foreign language, you must apply as a   Tier 4 (General) student.

Part 6A of the Immigration Rules (paragraphs 245ZT to 245ZY) contains full details of the  Tier 4 (General) category's requirements. To see Part 6A click on the link


To apply for Tier 4 (General) or for more information click on the link


Student Visitor - If you are an adult and you want to undertake a short course of study in the UK (such as a beginner's English Language course or a work-related training course), you might be able to come here as a student visitor.
If you want to study a longer course, or you want to work (including on a work placement) alongside your studies, you should apply under Tier 4 (General) .
Student visitors are allowed to come to the UK for 6 months (or 11 months if they will be studying an English Language course). When you enter the UK, we will stamp the duration of your permission to stay in your passport. You cannot extend your stay beyond this period.

To apply for Student Visitor or for more information click on the link


Prospective Student - You can apply as a prospective student if you want to come to the UK to help you finalise the arrangements for your Tier 4 course of study (for example, by attending an interview at a university which has made you a conditional offer).

You will be able to switch into the Tier 4 (General) or Tier 4 (Child) category while you are in the UK.

To apply as a Prospective Student or for more information click on the link:

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