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Why study in the UK?

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The United Kingdom is one of the most attractive destinations for students from all over the world. In 2008, there were around 1.8 million full-time undergraduate students in higher education, of which over 100,000 were international students. UK universities offer respected and internationally-recognised qualifications across a broad range of subjects. The UK higher education system is renowned for its academic excellence and variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

As well as meeting strict academic criteria, universities and colleges in the UK will motivate and encourage you to perform well in your chosen subject, and help you reach your full potential.

Here are several reasons why you might want to study in the United Kingdom:


Wide variety of courses

UK universities offer a wide variety of courses, ranging from the humanities to fine arts and pure science. In the UK, you can find courses tailored for all needs, including part-time and evening courses, as well as courses for adult students. Therefore, you are sure to find one that caters for your interests and career goals. You can search over 50,000 courses on the UCAS website to find the right one for you.

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International recognition

UK degrees are internationally recognised, and the likelihood of finding a better job in your home country or anywhere else in the world is higher with a UK degree.

Please be aware of educational institutions, which are not legitimate. The so called bogus colleges often attract students with alluring promises for obtaining UK qualifications, in order to get their money. Before you apply in a college or university, check its accreditation. If you are not sure whether your chosen university meets the standards set by the British Government, check with the UK Quality Code for Higher Education – an independent body which reviews the performance of universities across the UK. For more information, visit their website:

Quality of education

UK degrees are shorter than US or Australian ones, which makes them preferred option by many students. The normal duration of UK undergraduate degree is three years, and a post-graduate degree can take up to one a half years. A PhD degree takes normally up to three years. The reasons for the internationally renowned quality of UK universities is the good management of teaching and course provisions, good availability of learning resources, high teaching and learning standards, as well as welfare and support services for the students.

Culture and experience

Studying in the UK can be a wonderful cultural experience. Many universities welcome international students from different parts of the world, which will give you the chance to immerse in a world of variety and constant exchange of experiences. In UK universities, you will also have the chance to participate in many international events, such as open weeks, cultural and art festivals, and lecture talks.


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