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Textbooks and library

Selecting your resources for research and learning purposes is significant for good academic performance. Sometimes students are overwhelmed by the amount and variety of academic resources, and struggle to classify them in a useful and efficient manner. Others are challenged by the cost of textbooks and books, and cannot afford to buy the learning materials required for each course.

The internet is an endless resource of information, and there are many websites which offer free access to books, articles and academic journals. Be cautious however, and use only reliable and acknowledged resources. Some internet websites might contain inaccurate, unoriginal and misleading content, which can affect the quality of your paper.

Here are some suggestions on where to find free academic materials:

Google Books

Google Books offers a wide variety of books in almost any academic field. In Google Books you will find the content of many books in the field of the humanities, applied sciences, art and entertainment. You can search books by title or author, and most of the available publications come with readers’ reviews and summary of the content.

Google Scholar

The Google Scholar is a directory of academic articles on any subject. It redirects you to a a list of specific articles, based on your search terms. Some of the articles may require paid subscription, while others are available for free.


Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers over 40,000 ebooks, which you can download for free or read online. You can search the books by category or title, because the website has in-built catalogue.

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