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Terms and Conditions



The terms and conditions stated below explain how we conduct our sales and complete orders for our customers. If you decide to use any of our services, you acknowledge that you fully accept the conditions, outlined here.

In the conditions stated below, by “we” it is meant Essay Orders and the people employed by Essay Orders. The latter will also be referred to as “agency”
By “Customer” is meant anyone who has decided to use the services provided by Essay Orders
By “Writer” hereby is meant the person who has been assigned to work on a specific order.
By “Work” here it is meant the order or orders, which the customer places with Essay Orders
By “Parties” it is meant Essay Orders and the Customer.
1.Terms of sales and appointment
Essay Orders acts as an agent/intermediary to allocate writers to provide original work to their customers
Essay Orders will insure that the work supplied to the Customer will meet the quality standards the Customer has chosen, when placing the order. If the Customer believes that their guarantees have not been met, they can contact Essay Orders within two weeks for assignments, or one month, in case the work specified is dissertation. This is the period within which the customer is entitled to free amendments.
In case the Customer contacts Essay Orders after the specified period of time, extra payment will be taken for additional amendments.
Essay Orders is an intermediary between the Customer and the Writer, and the Customer will not communicate directly with the writer. All communication will take place through the customer service team.
The agreement between the Customer and Essay Orders will begin when there is confirmation that a suitable writer has been assigned, and payment for the order has been obtained. From the commencement date onwards, the agreement will continue until the time for amendments has expired, unless ended sooner by one of the two parties in accordance with the terms and conditions.
2.1 In the allocation of a writer to complete a customer’s order or specific request for other types of academic services, Essay Orders takes into consideration any available information that it has for the Customer’s course and degree requirements, as well as the qualifications and individual ranking of each one of the writers, signed up with the company.
2.Once a writer has been allocated, and payment has been received, the agreement becomes binding and no refund can be given. If deposit has been accepted, the Customer agrees to pay the outstanding balance no later than 48 hours before the order is due. Failure to pay the outstanding balance will result in a delay with the delivery of the order. Essay Order reserves the right to uphold the order, until payment has been cleared. In case payment of the outstanding balance is not secured, we deserve the right not to deliver the work.
3. Customer information about the order
3.1In order to complete the order according to the standards and guarantees set by Essay Orders, the customer needs to provide all available information about the order. The information should be accurate and efficient. Failure to do so, might result in poor quality and slow down of the order delivery, for which Essay Orders is not responsible. Essay Orders will make sure that all relevant information provided by the customer is accurately and efficiently processed.
3.2 If further cooperation on behalf of the customer is required while the order is being processed, the latter will be contacted, using the contact details provided by the customer, when placing the order.
4.Delivery of the order
4.1 Essay Orders guarantees that the work will be delivered on time, before midnight on the due date, unless the due date falls on Bank Holiday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Eve or any other holidays specified. In this case the work will be provided the following day.
4.2 We guarantee that the order will be completed within the deadline specified by the customer or earlier.  This guarantee does not apply if we can prove that the work has been completed and sent on time.
4.3 Essay Orders is not liable for any lateness due to technical problems, such as internet, email, database software issues. In case such technical problems occur, it is the responsibility of the company to provide reasonable proof for the occurrence of the problem, or to deliver the work on time.
4.4 If there are problems with the delivery of the work, the customer needs to contact the representatives of the agency immediately, so that the work can be received. If the customer does not contact the agency to inform about non-delivery or if the Customer decides to wait longer, Essay Orders is not liable for any delay. The customer is NOT entitled to refund or discount if:
  • Essay Orders provides evidence that the work has been uploaded or sent off (emailed) on time. This evidence includes copy of the email or screen shots.
  • Essay Order provides evidence that technical problems have prevented the timely delivery of the work
  • The Customer has failed to pay their outstanding balance
  • The Customer has failed to provide necessary information, required for the completion of the order
In these cases the Customer agrees not to seek refund or discount on their work.
5.Amendments policy
5.1 Once the customer has placed an order, its specifications cannot be amended, if the order has already been assigned to an expert or payment/deposit has been obtained for this order. The customer may provide additional information or supporting materials, only if they do not interfere with the original order specification. If the additional information has been provided after payment/deposit has been obtained, and it changes the original order specification, Essay Orders reserve the right to change the original price, and a new quote specification might be requested from the writer. Essay orders also reserves the right not to implement the new requirements, if they will completely change the initial specifics and if the time allocated is not sufficient.
5.2 The customer should agree that a change in the order specification after an expert has been allocated and/or payment/deposit has been obtained might result in a delay in the delivery of the work, for which the company is NOT liable. 
5.3 Amendments on completed works can be requested up to two weeks after the order has been received by the client. The period starts when the first draft has been submitted to clients. For dissertations, the free amendments period is one month from the date the first chapter has been received by the client. The client has seven working days after the receipt of each chapter to get back to us with comments. Customers will be charged for amendments requested after the specified period of time. The amendment period for URGENT orders (due in less than 4 days) is significantly shorter and will be detrmined by the company for each individual order. Alterations such as impementing third party's comments, and adding/removing information, which was not given to us prior as a request, will be charged additionally. 
5.4 The customer can request amendments by contacting us via phone or email. The order will be immediately sent back to the writer, once instructions for amendments have been received. The standard time allocated for amendments is 24 hours, but this timeframe is subject to change, based on the specifications of the amendment. If the amendment request involves more work, the deadline for the delivery of the amended work can be extended.
5.5 In case of disagreement between the writer and the client, the work will be assessed by the Quality Supervisor team, which will resolve the dispute. If necessary, the work will be allocated to another writer.
5.6 If the amended work does not meet the requirements of the Customer, they are allowed to ask for further amendments until the work meets their requirement. This is applicable for the free amendment period only. 
5.7 If the requests for amendments involve extra work, which is different from the original order specification, the Customer will have to be charged accordingly. They reserve the right to accept or decline the extra charge. If they decline, work related to the new amendments will not commence.
5.8 For projects longer than 5000 words ( dissertations, research projects, theses), the work is delivered by sections/chapters. The deadline for feedback for each chapter is seven working days, counted from the day the work has been sent to the client. Any feedback which has been received after this period, will be considered additional work, and respective charges will be incurred. 
5.9 Essay Orders reserve the right to charge additional fee for plagiarim report, for works longer than 5000 words. 
6.Anti-plagiarism policy 
6.1 Essay Orders does not condone plagiarism and offers original work to its clients.
6.2 Each order can be delivered with a plagiarism report if this is requested by the client ( £7 for scan of papers 2500 words and below); charges apply for longer works. 
6.3 If the customer detects plagiarism in their work, they will receive a free re-write of the sections plagiarised, only if they can show sufficient proof that the work has been plagiarised. 
6.4 In these terms and conditions, by plagiarism it is understood:
Turning in someone else's work as your own
Copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit
Failing to put a quotation in quotation marks
Giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation
Changing words but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit
Copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or not (, 2012)
6.5 In case there is disagreement whether plagiarism has occurred or not, the work will be reviewed by a third party, assigned by Essay Orders. In most cases, this will be a member of the Quality Check team. In such cases, the decision of Essay Orders will be final.
6.6 In cases where plagiarism is minor or a question of mistake, the customer is not entitled to refunds or compensations. In this case, the agency will review the work, and if necessary an independent expert will be assigned. The decision of Essay Orders will be final.
6.7 In case plagiarism has been detected by Essay Orders during the final revision and the customer has been contacted in advance, the guarantee does not apply and the customer will be provided with rewritten work free of charge.
6.8 The Customer agrees that Essay Orders is not responsible, if plagiarism is detected because of customer’s desire to use academic material, which would otherwise have been considered plagiarism.
7.Data Protection
7.1 Essay Orders might store Customer’s details, necessary for completion of the order requested by them. These details will never be shared with another company or any other third party. Client’s details will not be disclosed, unless requested by lawful authority, or to investigate fraudulent transactions. More information about data protection is available in the privacy policy, published on our website. It has been revised in line with GDPR.
7.2 Clients paying via PayPal electronic invoice will be asked to provide a form of ID and to complete a debit/credit card authorisation form. This is undertaken as anti-fraud measure and the details will be kept in strict confidentiality. If the client refuses to provide these, the company reserves the right not to process their order.
8.Fees and Value Added Tax
8.1 The fees which Essay order charges for their services are shown on the website, in the Prices and Fees section. The Customers can obtain individual quotes for their order, using the Price Calculator.
8.2 In some cases, individual quotes might have to be provided after the order specification has been assessed by the customer sales team. These cases can be related to services involving academic edit, academic assistance or amendments which are inconsistent with the original order specification. In these cases, the price will vary according to the specifics of the order and the client’s needs. The agency fee will be determined accordingly.
8.3 Essay Orders reserves the right to change the prices of its services and products.
8.4 The Value Added Tax is included in the prices, which Essay Orders has posted on its website.
9. Payments
9.1 Essay Orders requests payment in advance, in order to proceed with customer’s work. 
9.2 The Customer acknowledges that where payment has been made in advance of securing an expert, Essay Orders cannot guarantee that they will secure a suitable available expert to complete the Work.
9.3 If the Customer makes a payment in advance and the Agency cannot secure a writer to complete the Work, Essay Orders will offer the Customer a full refund of the payment made in advance.
9.4 If the customer has not paid the amount due when placing the order, the Agency will contact them to take payment once a suitable writer has been allocated.
9.5 If Essay Orders accepts deposit, rather than the full amount of the payment, the rest of the sum will remain an outstanding balance and will have to be paid to Essay Orders no later than 24 hours before the final deadline for the delivery. This deadline is subject to change, determined by Essay Orders for each individual order and each individual payment plan. Failure to comply with this condition may result in delay of the order, for which the company is not liable. In case of any outstanding amounts, the Company reserves the right not to deliver the completed project to the client.
9.6 The Customer agrees that once an Order is paid for then the writer allocated by Essay Orders begins work on that Order, and that the Order may not be cancelled or refunded. Until payment or a deposit has been made and the Order has been allocated to a writer, the Customer may choose to continue with the order or to cancel the order at any time.
9.7 The Customer agrees that the prices on the website, or those provided as individual quotes, DO NOT include any work related with data processing and preliminary research and data analysis (SPSS). The Customer agrees that they will be charged extra for any SPSS or data analysis they might request as part of the research service provided. The same applies if questionnaire scripts and interview scripts have to be written as part of any research project.
10.1 Full or partial refunds will be given only in the circumstances outlined in these terms, due to the specific and individual nature of the services offered by Essay Orders. Any refund or discount will be given at the discretion of Essay Orders.
10.2 In case refund needs to be given, Essay Orders will use the card details provided by the Customer at the time of placing the order. If the customer has paid via bank transfer, refund will be made into their bank account. Alternatively, customers can use the refund as a credit towards future orders.
11.1 The Customer agrees that by receiving completed work from Essay Orders, they do not obtain copyright of this work.
11.2 Essay Orders and its researchers do not condone plagiarism and as a provider of research services for students, via the location of qualified experts we reserve the right to refuse work if we suspect it might enhance or encourage plagiarism.
11.3 No work supplied by Essay Orders can be passed as their own by the Customer, and it cannot be submitted as the Customer’s own work. It cannot be resold, or published on any other website, regardless of the purposes of the website.
11.4 No work supplied by Essay Orders is to be resold, distributed or displayed for any purpose. This is in respect to the term that the Customer does not hold any copyright of the work provided by Essay Orders.
11.4 In case the work has been used in violation of any of the above terms and conditions, Essay Orders reserves the right to refuse to carry out any further work, and is not liable for the unauthorised distribution or use of the work it has provided for the Customer.
11.5 As a visitor or customer to our website, you are NOT allowed to copy, modify, distribute, publish, display or post any of the Content on the Website. This includes any essay samples or other publications, as well as software.
12. Quality standards
12.1 Essay Orders agrees that the work it will supply will meet the standards, chosen by the client while placing the order.
12.2 All orders are subject to quality check, and will not be submitted to the client before they are proofread and edited if necessary.
12.3 If the work does not meet the standard specified by the client, they are entitled to a re-write free of charge, as well as amendments.
12.4 If the customer wants to dispute the quality standard of the Work, they must present credible evidence that the Work does not meet the requirements, specified earlier on within two weeks of the delivery date for essays and assignments, and a month for dissertations .If such evidence exists, it needs to be presented to Essay Orders as soon as possible, to avoid further delays of the order. If such evidence is presented, the work will be reviewed, and make a decision within a specified period.
12.5 No refund will be given in the following cases:
a. If the lowered quality of the Order is due to the Customer making requests in their Order specification, causing this lowered quality. If it is proven that not meeting these requirements would have guaranteed the quality required, refund will not be given.
b. The lowered quality of the Order is caused by customer requests for the Order specification, which were open to interpretation.

c. The customer has not asked for any amendments during their free amendment period and has not provided constructive feedback in order to request revision by Essay Orders and the Quality Check Team (the free amendment period is two weeks for essays, and one month for dissertations, counted from the day when the first draft was sent to the client).

12.6 Essay Orders agrees to provide the Customer with a detailed feedback on any decision, related to disputed orders.
12.7 The Customer agrees that the quality standard ordered is NOT a guarantee of the mark they will receive when submitting their own piece of work, since they do not hold copyright of the work received from Essay Orders.
12.8 The Customer acknowledges that the quality standard ordered is not  guarantee of the mark they will receive when submitting their own piece of work, nor any guarantee of the final degree mark.
12.9 Because of the subjective nature of the grading system all universities, Essay Orders does not guarantee any grades, regardless of the standard quality requested by the Customer in their order specification.
12.10 The Customer agrees that any view or statement expressed by Essay Orders or its employees, and sales agents, either on the website, elsewhere, or in direct communication with the Customer, is an opinion, and shall not constitute advice or a warranty to the Customer about the suitability of our products or services.  
13.Terms of use
13.1 It is the responsibility of the customer to check their university requirements, as well as the requirements for individual modules and assignments. The Customer agrees that any decision to use the services provided by Essay Orders is taken on their own initiative. Essay Orders is not held liable for any decision to use its services, which may be in breach of the Customer’s university rules and regulations.
13.2 The Customer agrees that the academic support given by Essay Orders and its experts is provided as guidance and opinion, and therefore does not constitute advice.
The Customer agrees that whilst every effort is made to ensure that all Work is completely accurate and proofread inaccuracies may occur and that  Essay Orders is not responsible for these inaccuracies.
The Customer agrees that if they hand in the Work supplied by the Agency as their own, either in whole or in part, that they are in breach of the copyright policies outlined in these terms and conditions. In any occurrence of this kind, the customer will automatically lose all their rights under these terms and conditions.
The Customer undertakes that any decision to rely on the research provided by Essay Orders to an extent that any delay in delivery may cause deadlines to be missed is done so at their own risk, and that Essay Orders shall not be liable for any lateness in delivery, except for in the cases outlined in these terms
Essay Orders reserves the right to refuse any order and/or to refuse to enter into an agreement with any Customer and all terms in this agreement are subject to this reservation.
Essay Orders reserves the right to refuse to continue with any order if it has reason to believe that the Customer intends to use the Work supplied by the Agency breaching the copyright claims.
The terms outlined here are final and binding for both parties from the date of Commencement. They replace any other previous agreements between the parties.
The agreement between the Customer and Essay orders is governed by English law
Essay Orders attempts to answer customer’s enquiries via email or phone as fast as possible. The Customer agrees however, that at busy times, enquiries might not be addressed immediately.
14.1 The terms and conditions outlined here are subject to change
14.2 Essay Orders preserves the right to change the content on its website at any time
15. Offers and rewards
15.1 The £20 cash rewards are only given if the client claims them, and only if they have referred a buying customer. This reward cannot be applied in conjunction with any other offers, or if the client has already been offered discounted price, or istalment payment. Cash reward to be claimed no later than 5 working days after payment has been made by the referred person. 
15.2 Alternatively, cash rewards can be replaced by credits to be deducted from further orders for the client, if placed within 15 days of the referral. 

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